Who We Are

Kill Jane is a brand dedicated to empowering fitness and life for women. Like living a fulfilling and enriching life - rock climbing, powerlifting, Crossfit, Acroyoga and other highly skilled sports and activities are not for the faint of heart. These activities require dedication, strength, and ambition to get great at. Here at Kill Jane, we want to promote a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle by focusing our efforts on those who wish to strive for more and are always pushing themselves to greatness.

We care about fitness and nutrition and its close relationship with mental strength and fortitude. With these aspects of your life aligned, you can accomplish nearly every task you set your mind to.

Kill Plain Jane

Our society is becoming too passive and accepting of the status quo. It's true, there's nothing wrong with being a "Plain Jane" if this is really what you want. It's just not what we want for ourselves and those we surround ourselves with.

We believe that never-ending self-improvement is key in being successful in any endeavor and we wish to be surrounded by those who want to shed the comforts of being plain and strive for more. 

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Step into the wild and adapt. Becoming a better version of yourself is not a single step process, it's a methodology for living life to the fullest.

Kill Jane isn't for those think a workout is walking on that treadmill because you ate that extra cookie. Kill Jane focuses on high quality and durable products for the hardcore and performance-minded fitness enthusiasts.

Our Products

Our headbands are designed and manufactured here in the Los Angeles Arts district and fashion district with locals experienced in producing high-quality clothing for top brands around the world. Our hope is to build a meaningful brand of superior quality products with a message focused on fitness and empowerment for women.

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